Promoted exercises: Motor function: Flexion & extension of the elbow and flexion & adduction of the shoulder while requiring precision in reaching movements against gravity. This activity also trains trunk and cephalic control. Cognitive function: Action planning, obstacle avoidance, coordination of sequence of movements oriented to a goal. This protocol can be played while standing up or sitting down on a chair a few meters away from the table, and it is recommended for patients with weak legs or in wheelchairs to train core and neck.

Description of the activity: In this exercise the user is constantly moving in a boat, controlling its direction with the movements of the trunk. Intermediate objectives are presented such as collecting a number of coins, red or green gems. When the intermediate objective is completed, a mini-game is unlocked. There are 4 different mini-games that represent different activities and goals: (1) Penguins: The user must chase a moving group of penguins, getting close in order to catch them, (2) Treasure Map: The user must collect with the hands different pieces of a treasure map, (3) Seahorses: A group of seahorses is floating and the user must catch all of them with the hands and (4) Floating buoys: The user must pass with the boat through several pairs of buoys. After each mini-game is completed, the user wins a treasure