Road Trip

Promoted exercises: Motor function: Flexion & extension of the elbow and flexion & adduction of the shoulder while requiring precision in reaching movements against gravity. This activity also trains the trunk and cephalic control. This protocol can be played while standing up or sitting down on a chair a few meters away from the table, and it is recommended for patients with weak legs or in wheelchairs to train the trunk and neck.

Description of the activity: In this exercise, the user is constantly moving forward along a road while controlling the direction of a kart with the movements of the trunk. Stars appear on both sides and centre of the road, the user must touch these stars to get points. The RGS intelligent adaptation algorithm adjusts the height of the stars as well as the density of elements and obstacles present in the road (e.g. rocks, puddles, turbos, and ramps) according to the user’s performance measured as the ability to catch stars.