The RGS work-station

  • Desktop Computer to display virtual reality with gamified exercises

  • Motion Sensor that allows the RGS tracking system to capture body movement in real time

  • A pair of sleeves with calibration sensors

RGS is an AI-based system for adaptation to the user. It provides gamified and engaging exercises as well as management tools for:

  • constant monitoring
  • prescription and analytics
  • communication to care provider

RGS is easy to use

RGS maps the user’s movements to 1st person virtual reality scenarios to promote effective functional recovery

  • RGS has a user-friendly calibration system

  • RGS integrates a paradigm of action execution with motor imagery and action observation. It combines a personalized motor training in a VR environment, exploiting brain mechanisms for action execution and observation.

  • RGS has a rich choice of gaming themes and engaging exercises with different difficulty levels

    RGS immersive virtual reality scenarios provide highly stimulating environments as compared to traditional rehabilitation settings. These virtual environments can be tailored according to the user’s preferences and needs, thus motivating and maximizing training.

  • The exercises for different types of training are explained and easy to follow.

Treatment analysis & report

RGS has a Medical Information Management System (MIMS) that provides accurate and objective metrics of the patient’s training performance and facilitates:

  • Monitoring

  • Intervention scheduling

  • Data Storage & Analytics

  • Reports & Patient management

The RGS MIMS allows assessing and scheduling the rehabilitation programs on-site and remotely.

Cutting-edge Virtual Reality features

With RGS we provide a rehabilitation program tailored to the specific needs of each individual user